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  • Buy a RefurbThat Computer Now & Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 is Coming.

    Everything stays the same, but better. This summer Windows 10 - the most advanced operating system ever produced by Microsoft - will launch.

    Unlike with Windows 8, this time Microsoft hasn’t made any major changes to the familiar Windows 7 user experience. Instead, Windows 10 features the UX we all know and love, enhanced and improved.

    The new Windows is more personal. With digital assistant Cortana and the ability to network with multiple devices, Windows 10 users will always be up to date.

    Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Available Soon

    All RefurbThat computers with Windows 7 qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10 if you make the update within one year of the new operating system’s launch.

    Simply visit with the product key from your Windows 7 computer, download the upgrade, and install it on your computer. There are loads of great apps and programs you can download there, too.

    For further information visit

    Windows 7 Isn’t Going Away

    If you still love your Windows 7 operating system and don’t want to change, don’t worry. Upgrading isn’t mandatory; Microsoft will be supporting Windows 7 for many years to come.

  • RefurbThat Secures Funding Boost

    A Cramlington-based seller of refurbished computer equipment has received a six-figure funding boost which will help drive its turnover towards £7m.

    RefurbThat has received a total of £550,000 worth of investment backing which includes £400,000 from private equity firm Hamilton Capital and existing investors, and £150,000 from the Finance for Business North East Angel Fund, which is managed by Rivers Capital Partners.

    RefurbThat is a Microsoft-authorised refurbisher which takes in used computers from Europe, the UK, and the US and then transforms them into 'like new' PCs.


    The company will use the funding to invest further in its stock levels and to provide additional working capital as it looks to continue expanding its turnover towards £7m in the next three years.

    The continued growth of the business is set to create jobs too, with its eight-strong workforce expected to grow to about 20 by the end of next year.

    Mark Harrison, managing director at RefurbThat, said: "The refurbished computer market is really taking off as people realise they can get a high quality PC or laptop which gives them just as good an experience but at a considerable saving to buying from new.

    "The investment from Hamilton Capital, the Finance for Business North East Angel Fund and our existing investors will make a major difference to the amount of stock which we can hold and the number of customers who we can supply as we look to further expand the business across the North East and nationwide."

    Dr Michael Dickens, fund manager at Rivers Capital Partners, added: "At a time when many household and business budgets are still tight, ways for companies and organisations to make savings on their outgoings are very much sought-after so RefurbThat's offering is an attractive proposition in a range of consumer and business to business markets.

    "This, combined with the company's impressive track record so far and its ambitions for growth, meant that we were very happy to invest in the business on behalf of the North East Angel Fund."

    Ward Hadaway
    provided legal advice to Rivers Capital Partners on its investment in RefurbThat.

    Imogen Holland, corporate partner at Ward Hadaway who led the firm's team, said: "RefurbThat operates in a sector with a lot of growth potential and has a national reach as well as an important seal of approval for the quality of its offering."

    Ward Hadaway has previously advised Rivers Capital Partners on more than 35 investments from the Finance for Business North East Angel Fund.

  • Popular Refurbished Computers for UK Businesses

    For UK SMEs, it’s important to make every penny in the ICT budget go further. In 2015 RefurbThat’s seen a steep increase in the number of small businesses, from start-ups to longstanding family-owned companies, opting for refurbished computers.

    Whether your business specialises in corporate recruitment or you’re in the agriculture trade, considered investment in quality PCs and laptops can boost your team’s productivity, while buying high-spec, professionally-refurbished computers at a fraction of the cost will keep you in the good books of whomever holds the company purse strings.

    Here are just some of the refurbished computers for UK businesses that have been snapped up by our customers:

    Refurbished Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop Intel Core i5 2.50GHz, 4GB Memory, 320GB HDD


    Are you a working road warrior like many of RefurbThat’s UK business customers? Then you’ll need a reliable laptop that delivers on both portability and performance. The 14.1” refurbished Dell Latitude E6420 features an Intel Core i5 2.50GHz processor, 4GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive. The integrated webcam also allows you to touch base with the office when you’re working remotely.

    Some of our clients have chosen to upgrade the refurbished Dell Latitude E6420’s RAM to 8GB, and purchase the Dell PW380 docking station for just £9.99.

    HP 6000 Pro SFF PC, Intel Dual Core 2.8GHz (E6300), 4GB Memory, 500GB HDD


    RefurbThat’s professionally-refurbished HP 6000 small form factor PC is a cost-effective unit that doesn’t scrimp on speed or storage. It features an Intel Dual Core 2.8GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and 500GB HDD, plus pre-installed Windows 7 Professional.

    The memory is upgradeable to 8GB, while the hard drive can be increased up to 1TB HDD or 240GB SSD.

    The HP 6000 Pro SFF PC is the refurbished computer of choice for UK small businesses in the design industry, as well as solicitors and real estate agents.

    Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Laptop, Intel Core i5 2.50GHz, 8GB Memory, 128GB SSD


    The Lenovo Thinkpad T420 refurbished laptop is a brilliant buy for UK businesses. It features a crisp 14.1” screen, an Intel Core i5 2,59GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD).

    The refurbished Lenovo T420 laptop is equipped with a DVD/RW player, plus a finger print scanner for extra security.

    Dell Optiplex 760 Refurbished Desktop PC, Intel Core2Duo 3.0GHz, 2GB Memory, 160GB HDD Bundle


    RefurbThat’s PC bundles include a refurbished desktop unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The Dell Optiplex 760 has proved hugely popular with business customers from a variety of industries including web design, computer services, energy engineering, and double glazing.

    The refurbished Dell Optiplex 760 is sold inclusive of RefurbThat’s 1-year return-to-base warranty, while we offer the option to extend cover for a further 12 months.

    Refurbished HP ProBook 6550b Laptop, Intel Core i5 520M 2.4GHz, 4GB Memory, 250GB HDD


    If you’re all business during the day, but a keen gamer after hours, the refurbished HP ProBook 6550b laptop offers RefurbThat customers the best of both worlds. Featuring a 15.6” screen with 1366x768 resolution, a i5 520M 2.4GHz processor, 4GB RAM and a 250GB HDD, there’s still plenty of room to upgrade your speed and storage should you wish to do so.

    Thanks to its graphics strength, the refurbished HP ProBook 6550b laptop has won fans in UK business fields like photography, landscaping, and design.

    Is your UK business on Twitter? We’d love to hear from you, and tweet about the great work you’re doing.

  • Starting a Reseller Business


    Determined to become the master of your professional destiny in 2015? The right reselling partnership will enable you to create your own business with minimal outlay.

    Alternatively, if you’re keen to promote complementary products to an existing customer base, doing so through an established reseller programme can mean additional revenue streams with minimal fuss.

    First Things First: Finding the Product

    If you currently run your own business, any decisions you make regarding adding a reseller stream will be shaped by the demographic of your existing customer base. Value-added products with clear synergies to your current clientele are a quick win.

    That said, the entrepreneur in you may soon find themselves inspired by a product out of left field – it’s not unknown for a reseller programme to trigger innovation within your existing business.

    Starting your business from scratch? It’s easy to see why many budding entrepreneurs are drawn to established reseller programmes. They enable you to tap into your core professional interests without exposing yourself to the financial risks that often come with developing your own product or service.

    Whichever scenario best reflects your circumstances, it’s essential you’re armed with the following information before going any further:

    * What is required to set up the reseller programme?

    * What will your overheads be?

    * What revenues do you stand to make?

    Next: Identifying the Right Merchant

    Choosing a merchant to partner with is about more than who has the shiniest product or the fanciest pitch. The highest revenue per sale doesn’t always translate to the best value either, so it’s vital that you do your due diligence before you sign to a reseller programme – particularly if you’re required to make a financial commitment.

    The formula for building a successful and profitable reseller business is selecting a quality product or products from a reputable, communicative merchant delivering transparency and good profit margins.

    The RefurbThat Reseller Programme, for example, offers our partners:

    * 20% gross profit margin.

    * No upfront financial outlay.

    * No stock holding.

    * Products backed by global giant Microsoft.

    * 100% trackable sales.

    * A £50 off voucher for your first sale over £250.

    RefurbThat Reseller Programme

    Finally: Agreeing Terms

    The right merchant will take the time to talk to potential resellers about how a programme might facilitate their individual business goals. Beware the merchant who wants you to sign on the dotted line without showing any interest in your operation, particularly if there are set-up costs involved.

    When it comes to contracts, be sure to ask the merchant for clarification on any clauses you’re not clear about and your responsibilities after signing.

    Informed on the finer details and confident you’ve found the right reseller programme for your business? Then you’re ready to start marketing your new product.

    Learn more about the RefurbThat Reseller Programme here or contact account manager Keith Robson on 01670 732502.

  • Is a Refurbished Computer Right for You?

    RT_Education (2)

    Before buying a refurbished PC or laptop, there are a few things to consider. For most people, a professionally-refurbished ‘like new’ unit will fulfil their computing needs, however, there are several important caveats.

    What is Your Next Computer For?

    Most people’s replies include a combination of the following: office work, browsing the internet, games, homework, and watching TV and films. With the exception of high-end gaming, which may require a discreet graphics card, those tasks can be tackled on a standard PC or laptop.

    Before you start computer shopping – whether for a new or refurbished unit – it’s a good idea to have a spec list plus a budget in mind. Understand what are ‘must haves’ and what are ‘nice to haves’.

    What’s in a Name?

    When it comes to buying computers, well-known brands typically translate to better build quality. Some of the best names in the business include HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Dell.

    Who Are You Buying From?

    Like buying an established computer brand, purchasing from an authorised retailer equals greater peace of mind. If you’ve decided to go the refurbished route, there are some sharks to look out for; if you’re purchasing online be sure to check whether the company behind the website has any certifications, offers a fair warranty, and has consistently-excellent customer reviews.

    Exactly How Refurbished is Refurbished?

    ‘Refurbished’, ‘remanufactured’, ‘reconditioned’ – the terms are used interchangeably and unfortunately there’s no official industry definition. As a result some PCs and laptops are more ‘refurbished’ than others.

    The majority of RefurbThat’s refurbished units are off-lease corporate computers. Typically just 2-3 years old, we purchase them in bulk and put them through an exhaustive all-points check. Any necessary repairs are then made, but as you would expect of a remanufactured computer there may be minor signs of use such as scratches and light wear.

    All RefurbThat refurbished PCs and laptops are thoroughly wiped and physically cleaned. As a Microsoft-Authorized Refurbisher – one of just a few within the UK – we ensure our computers are installed with a genuine copy of Windows 7 operating system, plus a Microsoft Office 365 trial upon request. Lastly, each unit is sold with a 12-month RTB warranty with the option to extend cover for a further 12 months.

    Will You Find a Refurbished Computer to Match Your Exact Specifications?

    Whether you’re buying a new or refurbished computer, it pays to do your research before splashing the cash. RefurbThat Managing Director Mark Harrison’s article ‘Refurbished Desktop PCs: The Best Performance for Your Money’ can help you to differentiate the ‘must haves’ from the ‘vanity features’.

    And, for the record, RefurbThat customers have the flexibility to upgrade both memory and hard drive on most PCs and laptops. Plus, there are further savings to be made by switching from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Home Premium if a computer’s exclusively for personal use.

    And Finally…

    As the adage goes, if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. Don’t be tempted by bargain-basement prices if the refurbished computer you have your eye on doesn’t come with a warranty, isn’t being sold by a reputable business, or is produced by a manufacturer that even Google hasn’t heard of.

  • [25-10-14] Headlines This Week in Technology Land…


    Tiger Log Cabins


    Image: Tiger Log Cabins - sold with anti-zombie guarantee

    'Anti-Facebook' investors dig deep for Ello’. Investors in ‘anti-Facebook’ social network Ello, which launched in August, have pledged $5.5m (£3.4m). The site plans to make money from micropayments for additional features, not by selling user data or incorporating advertising. Source: BBC

    ‘Microsoft ditching the Nokia name on smartphones’. Less than a year after acquiring Nokia’s mobile devices division, Microsoft has revealed plans to drop the Finnish company’s brand name. Source: BBC.

    ‘Facebook will now let you post anonymously’. New app ‘Rooms’ is for people who want to discuss sensitive issues without revealing their real name. Source: Telegraph

    ‘9 Essential Traits Startup Founders Seek in New Hires’. Fancy a job at a tech startsup? According to Mashable, here’s what you need to know… Source: Mashable

    ‘Zombie-proof log cabin has 10-year anti-zombie guarantee’. Have you considered your accommodation should a zombie apocalypse strike? Source: CNET

  • [10-10-14] Headlines This Week in Technology Land…


    ‘Tyupkin cash machine hack “dispenses wads”’. Interpol is carrying out an investigation into a known flaw in cash machines that allows criminals to hack into the systems and instruct them to dispense 40 notes without a credit or debit card. Source: BBC.

    Devices being remotely wiped in police custody’. Police in Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Durham have told the BBC that handsets in custody have been “wiped” remotely. Source: BBC.

    Is this why Microsoft named it Windows 10?’. CNET reports on the speculation surrounding Microsoft’s decision to skip ‘Windows 9’ and jump straight to 10. Source: CNET.

    ‘See inside McLaren's incredible 650S supercar factory (pictures)’. The McLaren 650S is the latest high-performance supercar produced at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Surrey. Source: CNET.

    One in three British children has their own tablet’. The number of children between five and 15 with a tablet of their own has almost doubled in the last year. Source: The Telegraph.

    Mom, Dad: I'm Dropping Out of College to Become a Pro Gamer’. The career path of pro gamers is starting to mimic those of athletes, Mashable reports, with the top 10 highest-earning players earning $8.18 million in tournament winnings. Source: Mashable.

    Image: Peyri Herrera.

  • Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 OS – With Start Menu

    Microsoft 10

    Microsoft has previewed its next operating system, Windows 10.

    Following the big reveal some folks assumed that the software giant had got its math wrong, given the most recent version is Windows 8.

    Windows 10 sees the Start Menu back by popular demand. The OS will be compatible with a myriad of devices including phones, tablets, PCs and Xbox game consoles. The all-important applications will be sold from a single store.

    What Windows 10 does share with its predecessor is a menu that brings up resizable tiles, in addition to a list of the user’s favourite applications.

    The tiles will be familiar to anyone who’s used Windows 8’s touch-centric interface on PCs and tablets. They will enable users to see important notifications at a glance, such as new emails and Facebook messages.

    Microsoft said the interface is designed to seem familiar to both Windows 8 and Windows 7 users.

    Unlike with the previous OS, Windows 10 users won’t need to switch between Desktop Mode and the touch-focused features. For hybrid laptop-tablet users, it will still be possible to spread a number of “life tiles” across the screens, making it easier to utilise both mouse and finger presses.

    Will Businesses Embrace Windows 10?

    Despite Windows 8 first going on sale nearly two years ago, adoption amongst businesses remains low. The OS was widely criticised for being too different from Windows 7 meaning workers would potentially struggle to get up to speed with the new technologies involved.

    Speaking to the BBC, David Johnson, who watches Microsoft for the consultancy Forrester, said: "It's extremely important for Microsoft to get Windows 10 right.”

    "Windows 8 is only being offered to employees by about one in five organisations right now. Windows 7 is still the de facto standard for enterprise in the desktop environment.”

    "For Microsoft to continue to be able to get the best and latest technology in the hands of the enterprise workforce all over the world, it has to have a vehicle to do that - and Windows 10 is its best shot."

    Mr Johnson cited the return of the Start Menu as “critically important” to the success of Windows 10.

    "The Start Menu is perhaps the most important thing that will make the desktop experience familiar to business users, and will help reduce resistance to its installation."

    Currently, only 13.4% of desktop PCs run Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, according to research firm NetMarketshare. Meanwhile, Windows 7 enjoys 51.2% of the market share and the unsupported Windows XP 23.9%.

    Image: Twitter/Microsoft

  • [03-10-14] Headlines This Week in Technology Land…


    ‘Nude selfie celebs were 'dumb', EU commissioner says’. The EU’s next digital head, Günther Oettinger, has refused to apologise for saying celebrities were “dumb” for taking nude selfies that were leaked. His controversial comments include: “Stupidity is something you can only partly save people from." Source: BBC.

    ‘Microsoft unveils Windows 10 and brings back Start Menu’. Microsoft this week launched new operating system Windows 10, skipping Windows 9 and bringing back the popular Start Menu. Source: The Telegraph.

    '“Anti-Facebook” platform Ello attracts thousands’. Social media network Ello is receiving up to 31,000 requests an hour from people wishing to join its platform. The network, dubbed “the Anti-Facebook”, was initially designed to be used by founder Paul Budnitz and 90 of his friends. Source: BBC.

    ‘5 Fashion Brands Actually Eyeing Bigger Pockets for the iPhone 6 Plus’. Fashion brands including Levi’s, Lee Jeans, and J.Crew have confirmed their design and product development teams are considering what the new iPhone 6 Plus-led push for mega-phablets could mean for the future of trouser pockets. Source: Mashable.

    ‘The Shocking Evolutions of 8 Iconic Female Gaming Characters’. Mashable examines the image overhauls of popular gaming characters like Lara Croft and Princess Zelda. Source: Mashable.

    Hudl2: Tesco releases new larger Android tablet with parental controls’. Supermarket hopes to build upon the success of its first budget tablet with the Hudl2, based on the Android OS. Source: Guardian.

    ‘iPhone 6 reservations in China reportedly hit 4 million’. reports up to 4 million reservation for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been made in China to date, with the ecommerce site Jingdong accounting for 2.3 million reservations. Source: CNET.

  • [19-09-14] Headlines This Week in Technology Land…


    eBay flaw has existed for months’. The BBC has found that a flaw exposing eBay users to malicious websites has been effecting the online auction site since at least February. Source: BBC.

    ‘Users frustrated by Apple iOS update’. Apple iPhone and iPad users have taken to Twitter to kvetch about “teething problems” relating to the company’s latest software update. Source: BBC.

    ‘Galaxy Alpha and iPhone 6 enter TechRadar's top phones in the world’. To coincide with the iPhone 6’s release, TechRadar has rejigged its ’10 best mobile phones in the world today’ list. In first place is the HTC One M8. Source: TechRadar.

    ‘Grindr: accurately predicting Scottish referendum results since 17 September’. Grindr, a hook up app for gay and bisexual men, accurately predicted the outcome of the Scottish referendum, prompting the Guardian to ask whether social media is the future of political polling. Source: Guardian.

    ‘Teen shot gamer dead over PS4, say police’. A Georgia man has been shot dead after listing his PS4 for sale on Craigslist. Police say the 28 year old met the potential buyers in a parking lot. When they tried to steal the device, a 16-year-old girl opened fire. Source: CNET.

    ‘Alibaba Market Cap Tops $225 Billion on IPO Debut, Passing Facebook’. Alibaba stock began trading at $92.70 a share, giving the company a market cap of nearly $230 billion. The company’s market valuation is now above Amazon and on par with Facebook. Source: Mashable.

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