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 Green Computing: Refurbished PCs Laptops



Adopting green computing practices in the home and office is simple, cost effective, and a key part of everyday responsible consumerism.

By purchasing your refurbished PCs and laptops through RefurbThat – one of a select few Microsoft Authorised refurbishers in the UK - you help to reduce the energy consumption and pollution associated with manufacturing a new computer.

Eighty-one per cent of a PC’s or laptop’s lifetime energy use occurs during its making, not when you operate it. In fact, a UN study found that the manufacturing of a single computer and its screen consumes at least 240kg of fossil fuels, 22kg of chemicals, and 1.5 tonnes of water.

RefurbThat’s high-spec, ex-corporate refurbished computers are “like new” both functionally and cosmetically, without further draining the earth’s natural resources or contributing to pollution. All come preloaded with a genuine Windows 7 operating system and a one-year Return to Base (RTB) Warranty.

Choosing to adopt green computing practices is easy. There are opportunities to exercise more environmentally-friendly habits when you buy, use and dispose of IT equipment such as PCs and laptops, including: 

• Purchasing professionally-refurbished computers where possible, reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and water needed to make every new PC or laptop.

• Exercising smart power options to consume less electricity when using your computer.

• Disposing of your electronics where they will be once again reused and recycled.

Contact the RefurbThat team on 01670 732 502 to learn more about how you can reduce your ICT-related carbon footprint with refurbished PCs and more.