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Extra value 'B Grade' equipment

Massive savings for minor imperfections

We submit our 'B Grade' stock to the same rigorous testing process that we put our standard stock through and can guarantee an excellent, fully working product.

Why are these computers and monitors so cheap? It's very simple. This equipment has been graded 'B' by our certified technicians due to a lower cosmetic appeal. A few scratches on the case? A small dent? Maybe just s scuff mark? For whatever reason it has been marked down you can expect the highest quality from our 'A' stock and some huge savings for you on our 'Bumps & Scuffs'

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Who are RefurbThat?

We operate out of Northumberland in the North East of England and our technicians have been refurbishing, building, installing and fixing computers for decades which is why we can confidently say that we're one of the best in the business!

Our friendly sales and customer service team have helped thousands of customers select the right machine for their home or business and you can read some of the testimonials here

What if my computer breaks?

It can be extremely frustrating if your computer ever stops working but you can feel assured that we've put it through all it's paces before it leaves our warehouse. We fully audit, clean, stress test, refurbish, configure, PAT test and have two separate quality control checks performed by our technicians.

We include a full 12 month RTB (return to base) hardware warranty with our equipment despite our returns rate being less than 1% and our usual turnaround time for repair is only 2 business days.

What software do you add?

After installing a professionally certifed, data wiped hard drive (or SSD) to your machine, we'll then image it with a Microsoft Windows operating system... And that's it!

It's your computer and we don't force you to install a host of 'bloatware' which you don't need which is why you'll find the system boots up faster, runs without input lag and has more storage space available.

I'm enquiring on behalf of a business

Why not give our sales and service team a call on 01670 732 502 to discuss exclusive benefits, pricing structure, technical services and more. You'll be surprised at what we can do for you and your business!

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